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Thomas Nowaczynski is a photographer living in Nelson, BC. He does fashion photography, and works with heart-centred commercial clients, and photographs weddings and families. Thomas has a knack for working with people, and enjoys directing subjects just as much as he enjoys planning with clients.

Thomas was born in Toronto, the third largest city in North America, but was raised in Slocan, BC, the smallest incorporated town in Canada. His passion is reaching for the highest standards of achievement in work and life, while practicing what his small-town upbringing taught him about honesty, accountability, and integrity. His transparent approach helps create successful results.

Thomas creates work that speaks to your soul. Humans are emotional, chemically-driven beings, and he strives to spark something big in the brain and body with his images.

When not intently looking through a viewfinder, Thomas can be found playing in the mountains with his friends, making pour-over coffee, bulk-loading 35mm film, or developing it at LighterCyde Film Lab. He cares about supporting local businesses and food producers, so they can keep growing the greens, baking the bread, and roasting the coffee that bring him joy.

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