Hey There!

My name is Thomas Nowaczynski, and I’m a photographer. I love my craft, and strive to create something meaningful with every frame. I see the beauty in the world, and I can’t help but save it for later.

My intention is to speak to your soul. Storytelling is the key. We all live a narrative, and that’s how we communicate as well. That's what being a photographer is about to me. Growing up in the Kootenays has given me many opportunities to be completely awe-struck by my surroundings, by the beautiful stories being told all around me. It's what inspired me to begin telling stories, and put the camera in my hand to do so. Whether they be the story of an adventurous crew of friends exploring a mountain range despite inclement weather, a family connection unique, a clothing design that speaks volumes through layers or minimalism, or one of a coffee micro-roaster with a passion for carefully sourced, artfully roasted beans—I'm there, telling the story. 

When I’m not staring intently through a viewfinder, I can be found running around the in the mountains with my friends, making pour-over coffee, fixing old cameras, bulk-loading 35mm film, or developing it at LighterCyde Film Lab. I care about supporting local businesses and food producers, so they can keep growing the greens, baking the bread, and roasting the coffee that I love.

If you have something on your mind, Say Hello. I’m already looking forward to hearing from you!

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